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I caught both of these fish using your TACGLUE last week aboard the Excel. I inserted my fluorocarbon 6" into my hollow core spectra, then just glued it. No crimps, no serving, no nail knots... nothing but TACGLUE. I'm sold on your product, hence why I’m buying a case. This technology and compound will change the way people fish moving forward. Great Stuff.

Doug Inouye

…this glue I used to attach my hollow spectra fishing line to fluorocarbon fishing line on a recent 17-day long range fishing trip out of San Diego, CA on a boat called the Excel. Your product helped me land my personnel best; a 270 lb yellow fin tuna. Took my 4 hours to land using 130-pound test line. I also caught many more tuna without any failures.

Dennis Skelton

…8 day on the Red Rooster 111. This was the first trip I used your Tac Glue for my leaders, hollow spectra to straight Fluorocarbon connections as well as all my knots to terminal tackle. I returned with limits on Yellow Fin Tuna, Yellow Tail and 7 Wahoo. Great trip and good test of your glue, not one failure, I will be using your product for future trips.

Mark Shoemaker Manager Perishable Merchandising C&S Wholesale Grocers

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Now you can glue almost anything. If TACGLUE doesn't live up to your sky-high expectations, we'll stick it and make it right. No questions, no appeal to a manager, no mandatory waiting period. Just drop us a line and we'll take care of it.