Attached are fish that were all caught using TacGlue on the leaders once inserted into the spectra.  BTW - I been using TacGlue on all of my topshots and I have yet to have a single failure at the glued connection point.  Absolutely 100% and zero failure. 






Tac Glue,


Per your request, please see attached for a few pictures of our Long Range Fishing trip, 8 day on the Red Rooster 111. This was the first trip I used your Tac Glue for my leaders, hollow spectra to straight Fluorocarbon connections as well as all my knots to terminal tackle. I returned with limits on Yellow Fin Tuna, Yellow Tail and 7 Wahoo. Great trip and good test of your glue, not one failure, I will be using your product for future trips.


I have also been experimenting with other uses, great Glue!!!!


Thank you.


Mark Shoemaker

Manager Perishable Merchandising

C&S Wholesale Grocers





I was wondering what is the best way to remove Tacglue from my skin?  I got some on my fingers on a recent fishing trip about 2 weeks ago and is still present.  I tried acetone and that didn’t work.  Any recommendations?


By the way this glue is assume I used it to attach my hollow spectra fishing line to flouro carbon fishing line on a recent 17 day  long range fishing trip out of San Diego CA. on a boat called the Excel.  Your product helped me land my personnel best a 270 pound  yellow fin tuna.  Took my 4 hours to land using 130 pound test line. I also caught many more tuna without any failures.



Dennis Skelton